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Being truly heard, seen, and accepted is incredibly powerful.
Therapy offers a space for that experience

 A Relational & Emotion-Focused Approach

A relational approach to psychotherapy focuses on building a trusting and connective therapeutic relationship so that clients feel a sense of safety when they begin to process the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that feel overwhelming to process on their own. At the heart of this therapeutic philosophy is the deep belief that healing happens within relationships, not within aloneness; a strong therapeutic relationship is an essential part of meaningful therapy. Yes, insight and skills are important, but it is warmth, care, and acceptance that first create the stable foundation needed for healing and growth. 

During sessions I guide clients through the process of therapy by being very present and engaged and offering opportunities for deep reflection and insight through questions, observations, and alternative perspectives.

Free 15 Min Consultations

Consultations are a great way for you and I to get a feel of whether we would be a good fit working together, ask any questions you have, and share what you are looking for out of therapy.

You can book a free consultation via email or through the online booking system. 

About "Doing the Work" of Therapy

The difficult ways that we think, feel, and act are based in unconscious processes that formed when we needed to keep ourselves safe. When we can't see or understand these processes, we get stuck in the same (often self-defeating or upsetting) patterns. By understanding ourselves and our experiences, and, in time, appreciating them, we open up an incredible capacity to change and choose a different way of being.


Therapy is rarely a "quick fix" or "feel better" option; it's more often an uncomfortable and reflective process that progresses in non-linear ways. At the exact same time, it's often a tremendous relief to release heavy emotions and have someone truly see, appreciate, and validate you. Progress can be both hard and deeply liberating!  

Read more about what to expect from therapy here

Virtual Sessions

Virtual sessions are a convenient and cozy way to access therapy. Many people worry that something is “lost” when therapy is virtual, however we pick up on just as many fluctuations in facial expressions and tone as we would for in-person sessions.

Clients are often more at-ease when they log on for virtual sessions, and for people who find themselves easily overstimulated or overwhelmed, virtual sessions often feel a little more relaxed and gentle and therefore create space for greater depth and emotionality. 

Awkward Owl Psychotherapy
Awkward Owl Psychotherapy

In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions are a wonderful physical container and allow for people to step outside of their every day life to a place where they can get in contact with their emotions and also leave those emotions in the room at the end of the session if they need to.

Many people don’t have a space where they can access therapy in private, so in-person therapy becomes an important safe space for disclosure, processing, and connection. 

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

$120 + HST/50 Min Session 

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Difficult Family Dynamics/Attachment Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Shame, Eating Disorders, and Neurodiversity

Receipts can be submitted for insurance reimbursement if your insurance covers Registered Psychotherapy. 

Reduced-rate sessions may be available for those without benefits; please don't hesitate to reach to inquire

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